About me

I’m a thirty-something Senior Web Developer with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. I love anything revolving around web tech and mobile phones.

I've lead teams to deliver complex, but simplified software to high caliber clients such as government bodies, created my own successful web and mobile apps that help make thousands of people's lives a little easier and helped my own clients to achieve their business goals.


HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, AngularJS, JQuery, Ionic, Cordova.


PHP, MySQL, NodeJS, MongoDB, ExpressJS, Laravel, Zend, Symfony.


I have developed multiple apps using AngularJS on the frontend with a NodeJS / MongoDB REST API on the backend. I especially enjoy working with Socket.io / websockets to build real time applications.


I started my career working with LAMP stacks and have been developing in PHP/MySQL for over 10 years now. I've set up and managed many Apache - Linux servers, and continue to maintain several of my own.

Side projects


Plan meals, stay organised, stay healthy.

Meal planning is an important part of every day family life. Meal planner helps you stay organised with what to prepare and cook each day.

Bug Purge

Track and replicate bugs effortlessly using screenshots.

Bug Tracking Software should be simple and not get in the way of programming. That's why we made Bug Purge.


A free code snippet tool to keep all your best coding moments safe.

CodeSnip.it keeps all your moments of genius safe for whenever you need them. You'll never forget how you coded anything again. Let CodeSnip.it be your memory.

UK Petition Watcher

Browse and sign petitions and watch their signatures update in real time.


Get more followers on Twitter that are interested in what you have to offer.

Twipow for Twitter is a powerful search tool that helps you find your target audience and engage with them through targeted following.